Strange Stories for Strange People is an anthology of 5 beautifully written stories containing elements of fantasy, horror, psychological thriller, sci-fi, and drama. If Tales From the Crypt and The Twilight Zone had a strange little baby that grew into a graphic novel, it would be called Strange Stories For Strangely People.

You get 5 stories written by underground artist Dirk Strangely and illustrated by 5 talented master illustrators ranging in various creatively impressive styles. This 72 page Graphic Novel captures the essence of classic horror-style comics with a modern-day twist and new fresh stories that will captivate all lovers of horror and bizarre. I can't wait for you to see the interior pages beautifully and masterfully illustrated in black and white with extreme attention to detail.

Dirk Strangely collaborated with four of his favorite illustrators in the comic industry. Miggy Aguilar, Mark Lyons, Jarrod Perez, and Hollywood storyboard icon Steve Werblun are undiscovered gems. The BEST part about this graphic novel is that not only are these stories well-written and take you to the wildest parts of my imagination, but this book also has FIVE different masterfully illustrated art styles YOU WILL LOVE!

Strange Stories for Strange People - eBook